Boat Charter Popularity is Increasing Again

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Recent Boat Charter Popularity Changes

Since our economy had plummetted bare boat charter numbers in Maine had dropped in a delayed yet related response.  In the past year, the number of charters have begun to pick up again.  A notable increase in smaller sailboat and yacht charter and rentals has been observed by many charter companies in the United States. 

Changes in Boat Charters

One of the major changes is people are sharing the cost load of chartering a boat.  Where previously a single family may have chartering a sailboat, now, two families may together rent a sailboat and share the burden of the cost.

Canadians are also chartering more boats now.  The power of the Canadian dollar allows people from Canada to do more yacht charters and other things in the United States.

The Price of Fuel

The price of fuel's increase doesn't really affect yacht charters.  Where most yacht's are wind powered the amount of fuel burned is little in comparison to motorboats and speedboats or skiboats as well as fishing vessels.

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