Despite the snow, things keep on moving at Johanson Boatworks

Posted on 02/27/2015 at 08:01 amViewed 1,565 times

Despite the nasty weather over the past week, projects here at Johanson Boatworks continue to move along.  This post will focus on Pemetic updates; the Bunker and Ellis 35 refit.  As of  last week the hull is splined; all the damaged wood has been removed and replaced.  The exterior trim and eyebrows have been completed and installed.  They have been sanded to perfection and are ready for varnish.

The extended wheel house has been completed and the headliner is starting to be installed today!  The extension should provide a little more dry area in the cockpit while keeping the shape and traditional look of the vessel.

The windows are all reinstalled and the trim has been put in around them.  The windshield wiper motors are also installed and ready. 

Two new fuel tanks are being fabricated by a local fabricator and will be done and installed by next week.  The new Yanmar 6-cyl diesel engine is on order and will be shipped up to our shop in the coming weeks.  The entire cabin house will get its sealer coats of varnish tomorrow and then the buildup begins.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of our blog and of course tune in next week for another exciting edition of the Boatworks Blog!

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