Finding Your Perfect Charter

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If your looking to enjoy your holiday, renting a charter yacht could be your answer.  An important step in this process would be to decide on the kind of boat you are going to charter.

There are two main options to decide upon when you charter.  These two options are: motor yachts and sailing yachts.  Motor yachts are powered by large diesel or gasoline engines and require fueling.  Sailing yachts are powered by wind and usually have a small, low-powered engine for maneuvering and low wind situations.  The motor yacht requires less sailing knowledge but more fuel while a sailing yacht requires more skill and knowledge but much less fuel.

Other factors can also apply to your choice of yacht to charter.  Length and width will be important to know how much space you will have onboard.  The number of crew the boat can hold so you know how many people you can have on the yacht.  Other things that can help you to decide are the electrical and navigation available.  Having a GPS, Radar, and/or Chartplotter on board can definitely help you in your navigation especially in foggy or unknown water situations.  Knowing your water carrying capacity and fuel capacity are definitely important factors.  Also you should make sure you are happy with the way your charter yacht looks.

Whichever route you go in chartering a yacht in Maine, make sure you charter with a company thats knows its business and provides well conditioned boats.

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