Snow, snow and more snow...

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As the pesky white stuff continues to fall on us here in Midcoast Maine, it is very important to consider what’s covering your boat.  With more snow scheduled to fall in the next 7 days make sure your boat stands are tight and your boat covers are clear.  The buildup on top of covers can lead to serious issues such as a collapse.  

Despite the snow, work here at Johanson Boatworks is moving a long.  Onboard Pemetic, a Bunker and Ellis 35, the hull is all splined, the cabin house has been stripped of all the old varnish and the necessary damaged pieces are being replaced.  The old systems and wiring has been removed and the new systems and wiring are going in.  The engine room has been painted and the new engine is on order.  Very exciting times for Pemetic!

Onboard Maine Lady, a Lyman Morse 55, the deck has been sanded and the putty work has begun.  The buildup is over and now it’s time to sand and sand and sand, until she is perfectly fair.  

The Northen Bay 36 hull has been sprayed in a beautiful Awlgrip Jade Mist Green with a Cloud White boot stripe.  The new transom door is installed and painted, and the bottom has been painted as well.  She will be covered and moved outside in preparation for our next project.

Requiescere, a Hinckley Bermuda 40 comes inside next.  She will be getting a new Beta Marine diesel engine and all of her bright work refinished.  Despite the cold and snow, our mechanics have already started prepping for engine removal before she comes inside.

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