Resolution J-34

This J-34 sustained structural damage from a grounding. The vessel suffered de-lamination around the sump area as well as structural grid work in the bilge. To complete the repair the following steps were taken:
We removed the cabin sole and all the wiring and plumbing in the bilge area, and removed the engine, engine pan, and the keel. We rebuilt the necessary damaged sections in the sump and hull which included constructing a new support system for the keel. Once the structural repairs were complete, we reinstalled the engine, keel and all associated components. In addition, we glassed a new shaft log in the hull and re-bedded the strut. We installed new teak and holly soles as the original were not repairable. We refinished all repaired areas with gelcoat and varnished the interior woodwork including the sole.
Insurance Co: Markel American

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