Storage Rates

Inside Storage up to 500 sq. ft.: $8.50/SF
Inside Storage over 500 sq. ft.: $7.50/SF

Trucking for Haul-out or Launch: $10.00/LF(+labor)

*Outside Storage; winter: $34.00/LF
*Outside Storage; summer: $6.00/LF / Month

*Frame & Shrink-wrap Cover (Gelcoat Hull): $22.00/LF
*Frame & Shrink-wrap Cover (Awlgrip Hull): $24.00/LF

Mast Storage: $3.00/LF
Crane Step or Un-step Mast:
* Up to 45 ft: $6.00/LF (+ labor)
* 50 ft plus: $5.00/LF (+ labor)

Soft dinghy storage: $100.00 /ea
Hard dinghy storage: $150.00/ea
Outboard storage: $75.00/ea

Battery Removal for Storage w/ periodic charge: $25.00/ea (+ labor)

**All boats stored outside must be covered for winter protection.

*Winter Storage is September 1st thru June 30th.
Shorter periods are NOT pro-rated.

Call 877-4-JOHANS or 207-596-7060

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